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In other words, my normal may not be your normal, but it’s a normal nonetheless.And let’s face it, normal doesn’t exactly give us butterflies.This is a different kind of recovery program in two respects: First of all, as opposed to providing structured daily activities, it aims to generally provide you with a deeper understanding of why you have your pain, how it’s being perpetuated, and what steps you can take to eliminate or significantly reduce it.Secondly, I’ve always believed that it’s easier to learn a concept when you don’t just learn the theory but you see it in practice.

Because what seems exciting to us may not be so exciting to someone else who has their own brand of regular to deal with.This recovery program was contributed by Alan Gordon, LCSW, Director of the Pain Psychology Center.Alan and his team of therapists utilize this program's approach and other techniques to help alleviate chronic pain for patients.Even after reading the books, seeing yourself on every page, and even possibly getting confirmation from a physician, some of you may still be struggling to fully accept (both intellectually and on a gut level) that your pain is generated psychologically. The following clip is a talk I gave at the 2012 TMS conference. Etc.) (The talk was geared toward psychologists, so feel free to disregard any terms you’re unfamiliar with.

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I hope that this recovery program might help you to find the tools that you need. And it’s these conditioned responses that makes acceptance so difficult.

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