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Updating kernel ps3

Up, Down, Left, Right Up, Down, Left, Right Navigate between boot options Enter Circle Select boot option Delete / Backspace Square Boot to Game OS 1 Switch to 720p mode 2 Switch to 1080i mode 3 Switch to 1080p mode Alt F1 Switch to text console (Alt F2 to switch back) console Status: Driver should be back ported soon... p=linux/kernel/git/geoff/ps3-linux-patches.git;a=commit;h=5ba09ee3f727508064c25d3bbb07e262f79e4380 Run system-config-network as root.

Petitboot is a graphical bootloader for the Play Station 3.

At present, petitboot is very much a work-in-progress, but works on our test PS3. The installing section below has instructions on installing petitboot.

Only run this image if your ps3 is on a trusted network: files on any storage device connected to the system.

You can flip to a text console (using Alt F1) to investigate.

As i'm a fan of your kernel from my 1st nexus device,5 then 6 and now i'm glad to see you here.

One question,does dash charge work with custom kernels?

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It has a CELL processor and 256 mb ram (plus 256, from the video card, used as ram); it is a power tool that can run Linux perfectly well and stable!