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Stuning nude girl goes to boy bad clip

Or maybe it’s not that surprising, given that Hollywood is, after all, in California, where chlorinated water looks impossibly blue and shimmery in the sunshine.

But as well as giving filmmakers something pretty to film, swimming pools tend to be a good excuse to get deep.

Or maybe they’re just there as an excuse to have cast members strip down to revealing costumes.

It’s an interesting conceit, if a little absurd, but there’s a sting in the tale, too – because once again, swimming pools are functioning metaphorically, here both as a symbol of something desirable and also, maybe, as a physical manifestation of denial.

It’s a minor scene, and nothing really happens, but director Dario Argento makes it feel significant. Don’t dwell on it for too long or you’ll never go swimming again.

The swimming pool orgy scene in David Cronenberg’s is disturbing in context, of course, as poor old Roger (Paul Hampton) realises he’s the only person not infected by grotesque alien parasites, but also out of context, because the body horror is a good reminder that other people are pretty gross at the best of times. And speaking of sex in swimming pools, well, Harmonie Korine’s had to make it onto this list somewhere.

There’s some colonial guilt in there for sure, plus some more surface-level middle class guilt, which is all neatly encapsulated in the scene where the dead re-emerge right in the middle of that great status symbol, a backyard swimming pool. One long tracking shot moves all the way around the pool, dropping in on one poolside conversation after another, eventually following one partygoer right down to the bottom of the pool itself.

Striking and technically accomplished, the Steadicam perspective almost makes you feel like you’re right there in the middle of it all.

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Here, shortly after meeting for the first time, the star-crossed lovers end up tumbling into a swimming pool just as they’re falling in love.

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