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Published cam4 sex videos

This is [bold]not[/bold] about his mother, so don't make it about his mother. He's choosing the life he wants to live and [bold]he's[/bold] responsible for his choices.

Some people get off on 'the hunt' of capturing a sex act or hot guy, as many of Banana Blog's other clips show, as do 1000s of others online.

It's just knowing Corrigan's history of being taken advantage of from a young age and now still doing these things, super drugged out, when we know he has had other aspirations makes me feel sad for him.

Seeeing the whites of his eyes as they roll up isn;t hot in this case; it's disturbing, because I know it's not so much the sex as the drugs.

Brent is still really cute (how much longer can that last at this rate?! The worst part is those pathetic queens filming up close. All this is very sad, can't he work in anything else? I think someone should set up a rehabilitation centre for those who want to get out of the porn industry.[quote] What always makes me laugh are those mini-dick nerd guys who get off on standing around taking pictures with their cell phones so they can jack off later.

Don't you know that Everything Must Be Recorded these days?

The fact that he appears to be so high that he doesn't know where he is tends to be the more concerning issue here. When will gay porn stars stop and realize that their chances at leaving the industry and making it even semi big in the mainstream entertainment industry are 1 in a million.

This looks like something that you would love to see at the Zone sex club in LA, not at a public event.[quote]Poor little cutey, he is higher than a kite here. At the end of the movie, he seemed very in control of his destiny. It shows how desperately stupid & deluded so many of them are.

I'm surprised no one has asserted yet that sex should only occur in the privacy of one's bedroom, by candlelight, with rose petals strewn on the floor.

Way back in the day,when I was a coke head and party boy extraordinaire , I made two lame sex videos with a low rent pornographer in Orlando.

Thank god they never turned up,though I wasnt ashamed of doing them I realize now thats not who I really was. I wonder if this poor boy will feel the same way in 30 years,or will he spend all his life being a sex sleaze. I enjoy porn, but seeing this guy working on stage seemingly mindless and unaware, made me feel a sadness for him.

it is bareback and with his latest porn star boyfriend JJ Knight The rumour is that JJ is actually gay4pay/bi and the 'relationship' is a means to increase their visibility and rates. The fact that he looks drugged up is unfortunate though.

He apparently made some post on a cam site that he is actually only interested in women. I'd only admit this anonymously but I think it's hot. When I was 19 I let three older chorus boys take turns fucking me in the woods one night after the show we were in during summer theater. Sort of like showing up for the shift at Mc Donald's... Clearly there's a market of guys who want to see this kind of entertainment, so the market (and Brent) gets filled.

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Fortunately, my sex adventures were mostly enjoyed in the pre-cell phone days.