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Oversteering online dating

It's a lot more common on rear wheel drive cars when the car gets "sideways" understeer is more commonly associated to front wheel drive cars.

This is when you go into a corner and turn the wheel as hard as you can but the momentum of the car actually wants to go forward instead of turning.

The ideal is for all four wheels to slide at the same time-the classic "four wheel drift." In this case all four wheels are pointed in a different direction from the actual direction of travel.

The ideal difference is usually about 5 degrees, so it is not all that obvious to an outside observer...

I learned how to drive on a GMC Vandura cargo van, and I drove it daily for 2-3 years, that thing was so fun.

I used to take big sweeping turns on FULL OVERSTEER MODE. My Jetta used to do that until I put in a fat anti-sway bar in the rear.

I can still get it to oversteer if I really exagerate with the steering wheel, or I can get the rear end to go completely if I lift the throttle hard in the middle of a hard turn or jerk the car left or right in a certain way. Modified by Agtronic at AM AWD cars are interesting when in oversteer the trick with AWD cars is when to get back on the throttle you basically want the car to be pointing towards the straight when you pass the apex and then stand on the throttle thatll hook the tires back up (most of the time) and the car will take off. its a very slow entry speed followed by wonderful exit speed. in the picture of that Lancer getting sideways, once he can aim those front wheels down the straight...

he can get on the gas and reel the rear end in and take off.

That said, FWD cars tend to understeer at the limit because they have most of their weight on the front wheels.

In the extreme case, it just goes straight on when you turn the steering wheel.

Oversteer the rear wheels lose grip, start to slide, and the car turns MORE than you want it to, forcing you to reduce steering input to stay on your intended trajectory.

Jason It's a simple matter of which end of the car starts sliding first.

Understeer, the front wheels lose grip and the car turns less than you want it to, forcing you to turn the steering wheel more.

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While oversteer is more fun, I still prefer my car to understeer when I'm driving quickly.

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