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Posted by / 13-May-2016 02:07

Yes you heard correctly they actually employ people to interact with you on the site. If they use real people to chat with you then you're much more willing to purchase a paid monthly membership.

So what they do is they have employees that get paid to string you along and keep you paying your monthly membership for as long as possible.

Milf Hookup is specialized in bringing you the hottest and wildest amateur MILFS from all around the world!

This site is one big scam and any dating profile that has the word "Online Cupids" on it are fictitious dating profiles that has been fabricated by Milfs Hookup.We received 12 emails and upon closer examination all of these emails were sent from "Online Cupids" .This means that all the emails were a complete waste of time to read. In order for you to reply to any of the women sending you messages you need to pull out your credit card and subscribe to the dating site by paying a monthly membership fee.It is extremely likely you will see a profile of someone you know. Many of them will have sexually explicit pictures on their profiles.

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Of course you will never ever meet these women in person because of course they are employees of the site and their job is to basically to keep you paying the monthly membership as long as possible. This site is clearly involved in fraud, they admit to it and they discuss it clearly in their terms and conditions.