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To clear up the situation, Laura proposed that one of the Steve's be turned into the suave Stefan.Through this, Laura was able to pursue a full time relationship with Stefan.Later in Death of Stefan episode pt 2, he dies and fades away During the fifth season episode "Dr. Cool," Urkel devised the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart: transforming his DNA using a serum called "Cool Juice" to suppress his "nerd" genes and bring out his "cool" genes.This resulted in the alter ego known as Stefan Urquelle, played by Jaleel White in more casual attire and with a smoother delivery.Had the show gone on to its final season, Stefan would've tried to stop Myra from ruining Steve and Laura's wedding.He would help Waldo reconcile with Maxine when he explains a mix up with the post cards that was made with his and his cousin Bob. Stefan and OGD would spend a day in each other's shoes and have a better understanding of each other.

Late in the sixth season, Steve transformed into Stefan as part of an inventors competition at Walt Disney World in Florida; however, Laura sabotaged the transformation chamber to prevent him from turning back into Steve.During the first season of the show, the chairs would turn around so fast that whenever we pressed our buttons, we would rocket out of the chair and smash into the ceiling.After Cee Lo hit the button and was hurled out of his chair so fast that he burst through the wood and got stuck up there, we all started to weigh our decisions a lot more heavily.Before the events of Crazier For You, he felt guilty of stopping Steve from dating Laura and had told him the truth about it.Stefan also tells him that he also suspects that Myra was stalking and spying on him, which proves to be true when Urkel learns about the illegal surveillance gear in her room and confronts her for her actions.

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