Filthy over fifty dating co uk members

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If this wasn’t proof enough that they’re in high demand, some of the liquid lipsticks have appeared on e Bay for hundreds of pounds – and up to ten times the asking price.

Money Nation has estimated that her merchandise has brought in over £16million, which she would get a sizeable cut from.

Kylie is regularly paid to promote different products, in images which she captions #ad.

The social media star also offers her fans “discount codes” for different items, and will sometimes get a cut if they make a purchase.

Her appearances in Vogue and the New York Fashion Week catwalk have helped the A-lister build up her profits in the bank.The social media sensation has harnessed her huge audience by launching two popular apps.Her work towards the popular Kylie Jenner app and the Kendall & Kylie game has undoubtedly been lucrative.At first glance, Kylie's glossy Instagram page looks like snapshots from her everyday life.But looking a little closer reveals that many of the posts are actually marketing ploys.

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On pregnancy, Kylie said that it was "the most beautiful, empowering and life changing experience" of her life.