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Here’s how it works: If you search for “Melanie Smith” then search engines will return results with all web data with the word 'Melanie' and 'Smith' within that article, and chances are it won’t be what you’re looking for.

If you use ”Not” or “–“ before a term, then your search will exclude the web page that contains that term.

Despite its dominance, you should expand your search beyond Google.

Search engines are not all identical, and will not return the same results.

If you cannot locate a profile for the person you’re looking for, then you also have the option to try and find the profiles of friends or relatives of the person you're looking for, who can help you connect with them.

A bit of social engineering can really help your search along.

If these seem overwhelming, you can stick with boolean searches for now - they're still a great way to start increasing the power of your searches.AFor private investigators, finding personal details about someone online with little information to go on is routine.In this post, I'll explain the search techniques and information sources that investigators use to locate someone and gather personal details.Each search engine uses a different database and search algorithm, and this will affect what information is returned.You should never rely on just one search engine - private investigators search multiple search engines to find information and obtain the best results.

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