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Built in the 13-th century, this tower was used as entrance gate to the second row of fortified walls built around Sibiu.Throughout the centuries, the Council Tower served as a grain storehouse, a fire watchtower, a temporary prison and even as a museum of botany.This beautiful baroque structure with classical decorations was built between 17.The tower was attached to the nave in 1738 and one year later, a cross was seated on the top.* The seven walled citadels populated by the Saxons of Transylvania were known in German as the Siebenburgen.The other Siebenburgen citadels are located in the towns of: Bistrita For hundreds of years, this walled town in the heart of Transylvania was one of the most powerful and prosperous strongholds in Europe.

When I talked to e Harmony they said it could have been a glitch in the site. SO I WOULD HAVE TO SAY THIS SITE IS NOT AS HONEST AS THEY SAY!!

Will make it short and to the point, I will never spend money on this site again, most profiles of the people are not paid members that e Harmony sends (aka) you the paid member, so the nonmember can respond back anyways, next when you set your limits (aka) age, distances, or in USA, they still send profiles (I am 54 years old and they send me 35 year old ladies profile LIKE WE WILL HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON!! They also sending (aka) out of country profiles, like we are going to fly all around the world going on first dates (get real)!!!

EHARMONY, I have responded to over 100 emails that were sent to me and next thing I see on that lady profile is she is no longer a member (aka) she moved on is what it would state, so all 100 members COME ON NOW!!

Surrounded by imposing walls, Sibiu's original fortifications included 39 defensive towers, five bulwarks, four gates and five artillery batteries.

Although the entire network is remarkably well-preserved, the best-maintained section is the southeastern side which has been reinforced several times throughout the centuries since attacks most often came from that direction.

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The fresco behind the altar was painted in 1777 by Anton Steinwald.

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