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Consolidating school districts

Additionally, evidence continues to build demonstrating the advantages of small schools in attaining higher levels of student achievement.Larger schools, in contrast, have been shown to increase transportation costs, raise dropout rates, lower student involvement in extra-curricular activities, and harm rural communities’ sense of place.In the 2014-15 school year there were 1.7 million, or about 5.2 percent fewer students. Jim Christiana, R- Beaver, pointed out that Pennsylvania has more than 7,000 full-time administrators in its schools.He applauded one of the resolution's goals "to reduce administrative overhead."Not all lawmakers were sold. Will Tallman, R- Adams, said he was not sure the study would get the results Vereb and others want.The last time Pennsylvania merged districts statewide was in the 1960s.

The links listed below provide a glimpse of the extant research on school consolidation as well as providing some ideas for areas in need of more study.Closing Costs: A Summary of an Award Winning Look at School Consolidation in West Virginia (Word Document) Eric Eyre & Scott Finn (August 2002) With the promise of broader curriculum and huge tax savings, West Virginia has closed more than 300 schools, one in every five, since 1990.In 2002, the Charleston Gazette investigated the outcomes of the state’s consolidation efforts in the series, “Closing Costs.” This is a summary report of that series.The Rural Blog Anything But Research Based-State Initiatives to Consolidate Schools and Districts Rural Policy Matters (March 2006) Broader Curriculum Does Not Equal Higher Achievement in Iowa Rural Policy Matters (March 2006) Breaking the Fall—Cushioning the Impact of Rural Declining Enrollment (PDF) Lorna Jimerson (February 2006) School Consolidation and Local Control (PDF) National School Boards Association (2005) School consolidation and alternatives are the focus of the October issue of Leadership Insider. (PDF) Cynthia Reeves (Jan 2004) Between 19, total enrollment in West Virginia decreased 11%, 202 schools were closed, and education spending increased by 16%.Per pupil expenditures increased more in West Virginia than in any other state, but student achievement remained stagnant during this period.

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"I support the resolution but I just want to caution folks …