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Exotic Pole covers basic walks, spins, and gripping on the pole. Please wear non-restrictive clothing and bring your high heel shoes! Learn the basics of climbing the pole and building strength in arms, thighs, and core.Work your way up to learning amazing acrobatic pole tricks!And don't forget the Puppy Spin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for Australian Shepherd Dogs for Adoption in East Chatham, NY, USA. Gig Masters has a wide range of professional dancers you can book for any event: birthdays, corporate functions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more.Here you will learn a more structured movement of body and dance and be given your shining moment on one of our 4 poles to show the class what you can do!Exotic Dance includes floor work, chair and lap dancing.

Pole 2 is available once you have taken an Exotic and/or Exotic Pole class.

** Danced for Lebanese orchestra with a Singer and Greek Band **Performs with traditional props--Zills, Cane, Candelabra and modern fusion props--Sword, Fire fans, Asian veiled fans.

**A specialty is balancing on Wine Goblets** A Snake**.

Party Strippers - Wild Stripper - Sexy Male - Females We carry a hilarious line of low cost adult party items and gag gifts.

Great for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, sorority parties, girls night out, bachelor parties and birthday parties.

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Please wear/bring shorts and a tank top so that you're able to grip the pole.

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