Cambodian sex trafficking laws Jasmines cams

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Cambodian sex trafficking laws

In 2014, the Cambodian apparel industry exported US.7 billion worth of goods, roughly one-third of Cambodia's GDP.

We will continue to work with experts to identify the most robust ways to ensure the issue of sexual exploitation is fully accounted for in our survey results in future.Despite this, research suggests that both Cambodian men, and men from neighbouring Asian countries are perhaps larger but less visible abusers of children in the sex industry.Despite existing literature giving evidence of CSE cases in Cambodia, the Walk Free survey did not identify any victims in this sector.This is based on a random-sample, nationallyrepresentative survey undertaken in 2015, that sought to identify instances of both forced marriage and forced labour within the general population (survey conducted in Khmer language).Walk Free survey results suggest some 55,800 people are victims of forced marriage in Cambodia (22 percent of the estimated 256,800 people in modern slavery in Cambodia).

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The presence of the sex tourism industry has led to the sexual exploitation of street children.