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Battle of the sexs online

The new version will introduce the very essence of Dior Homme, in an unusual concentration which leaves an urban and intense impression. ) The longevity is unsure but it has been 7 hours now and the smell is still enormous.The nobility of its ingredients is expressed by the uniqueness of the skin. As people say, DHP is less sweet than DHI & DH, but is bit deeper and 'darker' - if someone feels DHI (or DH) is too feminine to wear, he should try DHP, too.Note: If subtitles you selected are not showed at all,you should validate them by the button on subtitles's right.

It was awful, I thought that surely they must have been handling something else when they packed my sample, cause I don't remember anyone mentioning a strong rose note when reading DHP reviews beforehand.

the vintage dior homme intense with silver collar version is still the best dior homme line that i ever smelled..

DHP is just too leathery and lacks of the seductive element that vintage DHI has...

Had to get the extra bottles in case CD wants to reformulate in the future.

I appreciate the smell and its a damn good sexy beast of a fragrance.

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I Was So Close To But DHI But I Saw The Reviews About DHP So I Try This One Vs DHI In The First 5-10 Minutes It's Was So Old Man Fragrance And I Walk Around The Mall , And 2 Minutes Before Leaving The Mall , I Smell It Again And ....... i asked the frag com everywhere didnt get any answer... It blends all the Arabic, oriental, Uropean, African, Asian, American, old and new luxury fabulous composition, very long lasting..

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