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” Furthermore, many presbyopes are grappling with the psychological effects of getting older and struggling with their vision, possibly more so than in the past as a result of the ubiquitous presence of digital devices.One study found that presbyopia was associated with worse vision health-related quality of life than emmetropia in younger individuals.Editorial staff members Jill Hoffman and Jack Persico have no relationships to disclose.

Today’s presbyopes also want to maintain a youthful appearance.

To start with, though customized progressive spectacles or presbyopic contact lenses can provide satisfactory near and distance vision to presbyopes without the potential risks of surgery, they cannot restore the true accommodation process of a younger individual.

And while monovision correction of presbyopia is associated with vision health-related improvements, life quality measures are still rated worse than those of younger subjects with emmetropia in several areas, according to the findings of a 2003 study.

An overview of the latest refractive surgical options available for presbyopes and strategies to comanage patients.

By David Geffen, ODJune 2017June 15, 2018On completion of this educational activity, participants will be better informed about the latest refractive surgery options available in the United States and be able to educate their presbyopic patients on new refractive solutions.

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For one thing, presbyopic and older patients bring with them a variety of other eye issues, including cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy—translating into busier practices than ever.